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We are in unprecedented times. There is a pandemic raging and all of us have been affected in ways we could never have imagined even a couple of years ago.

Measures taken by governments to mitigate the effect on our physical health has at times led to a corresponding, albeit unintentional, adverse effect on our mental health, wealth and relationships.

We understand your anxiety and want to bless you with our hamper ministry.

We have partnered with a number of your favourite supermarkets, namely, Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons, to provide you with free food. The food varies weekly and the amount is always subject to availability but can include basic everyday grocery items like baked products (mostly bread and pastries), tinned items (for example baked beans, tinned soup), fresh fruit and vegetables.

How the Genesis CLF Hamper Ministry can bless you

  1. Simply ask for a hamper by emailing us at or on our website with your details and we will contact you and discuss how we can best assist you.

  2. Use the opportunity to reduce your grocery bill.

  3. Have fun with the whole family trying out new recipes.

  4. Enjoy the variety of ingredients and different dishes.

  5. Top up your grocery with treats.

  6. Contribute to safeguarding the environment and reducing food shortage.

  7. Introduce this ministry to someone who needs a helping hand.

It really is a win-win situation. You win by being blessed and we win by embracing the opportunity to bless you! - accessed 18.01.21

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