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Genesis CLF runs a seven-stage discipleship initiative called Membership Discipleship Programme. It serves as a framework for the spiritual growth of its members. We run these courses periodically throughout the year and we would love you to join us. 

Stage 1 – New Believers Course
This course is for the  new believer who desires to commit their life to Jesus Christ and grow in faith. It is designed to build their foundation in their christian faith. 

The topics include:

  • Why we believe the Bible

  • The Kingdom of God

  • What it means to be born again

  • What is the gospel message

  • Sharing your faith with others

  • Resurrection of the dead

  • Eternal judgement

      and much more

Stage 2 – Membership Orientation Course
This course is for those who are considering  Genesis CLF membership or have recently committed to being a member.
The topics include:

  • What are the beliefs of Christian Life Fellowship Church?

  • What is the vision and purpose of Christian Life Fellowship Church

  • What does membership of Christian Life Fellowship Church entails

      and much more

The Membership Orientation Course is for Christians who would like to know more about our church and prayerfully consider if they should take up membership. It is an opportunity to learn first-hand what we believe, our vision and purpose.

At the end of this course participants are invited to sign up for membership of our church. If they are not ready to make that commitment, they are welcome to decline. At this stage if they decline to commit, they will no longer need to attend the remaining courses because those courses are designed for members who express a desire to be actively involved in the life of the church.

Stage 3 – Spiritual Maturity Course 
Growing believers need to establish the habits necessary for spiritual growth. This course will help you to do that.

The topics include:  

  • Creating a daily time with God

  • Fellowshipping with other believers

  • Prayer

  • Feeding on God's word

  • Giving

      and much more

Stage 4 – Ministry Orientation Course
What does it mean to minister to others? Whether you work with young people, host a discipleship group or serve refreshments after our Sunday service.  This course will develop your commitment to serve God and others with your abilities and talents.
The topics include:

  • Understanding Ministry

  • What it means to be a worker

  • Evangelism & Outreach

  • Our Core Values

      and much more 

Stage 5 – Leadership Orientation Course
What does it mean to be a leader at Genesis CLF? If you are a discipleship group leader or head of department/ministry or you want to develop into a leader, this course will help you to understand leadership and the commitment to serve others.
The topics include:

  • What it means to be a leader in our church

  • The leadership structure of our local church

  • Our strategy

  • Discipleship Group Ministry

      and much more 

Stage 6 – Ministerial Training Course
Develop your calling to be a lay or full-time minister. This is a part-time course that runs for two years and is for those actively involved in ministry or who are Bible School graduates.

Stage 7 – Ordination
This final stage is for those who want to be ordained as ministers or elders. While this stage is not a course like the other stages, members who want to be ordained should speak to the eldership team so they can assist in your preparation. 

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