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On this Mother’s Day, let us appreciate the mothers who are doing their best for their children. A large proportion of women are mothers who have given birth to their children but a mother can also be someone who shows all the beautiful qualities of mothering even when they have not physically birthed a child.

Let us consider some of the wonderful qualities found in great mothers:

1. Protectiveness

These mothers show their protective nature by shielding their children from dangers the child may not even be aware. A recent example was in the news of orphans in an orphanage in Ukraine who were lovingly protected by the orphanage carers in the midst of the bombing until they were safely rescued. These carers had not given birth to these children and no one would have faulted them if they had tried to save their own lives by fleeing but their protective actions saved the children’s lives.

Another example is found in the Bible (Exodus chapter 2) of the mother of Moses, Jochebed, who kept her baby Moses hidden, and devised a successful plan for his safety after a decree was issued throughout the land that all baby boys born of Mose’s age should be killed.

2. Sacrificial

Sacrificing her child’s needs above her needs is a quality that is a hallmark of a great mother. This is indeed unconditional love.

In the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ was only a teenager when the Holy Spirit impregnated her with a child. In those days, it was reputational suicide to give birth out of wedlock and yet, Mary protected her child above her own reputation, class and position in society and some will say even above her own safety. What a wonderful trait.

3. Patience

You have heard the phrase, patient as a saint! Well, there are some mothers who have infinite patience.

I knew a woman once, who had two small children. The children were at an age when they had a million questions about everything and yet no matter how busy this lady was, she would pause and answer all their questions without showing irritation or raising her voice. What a great example of a mother.

We can all live from these women.


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