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We believe that marriage is an institution that has been ordained by God.  

We believe that because it is an institution ordained by God, it should be conducted as a form of worship to God. This means that just like a mirror, our marriages must reflect the love of God in our interactions (with each other and as a couple), to the outside world. 


In most cases, a man and a woman will voluntarily enter the marriage union because they love each other. However, after the giddiness of the ceremony, they have to learn to live together harmoniously. This means that two people from different upbringings with different ways of expression and with different needs now have to learn to live as one. This is a lifelong process. The learning never stops because as individuals we never stop growing and changing. The emphasis of this marriage ministry therefore is on the learning to live as one without losing sight of who we are as individuals. 


This is a recognition that love is not always expressed in a feeling, it is also a decision. Our marriages face different circumstances. There are blissful days and not-so- blissful days. Some of the not-so-blissful days arise as consequences of our bad choices but some consequences are unexpected, unforeseen, uninvited and can be painful.  


For our marriages to last the lifetime distance that God has instructed, we have to continue to learn to live as one, in our own marriage contexts, so that when our love for each other is tested and tried by different circumstances, we will have the tools to understand why we or our partner has stumbled and the tools to understand how to wait for each other, how to give each other a helping hand and how to continue to learn to walk in step again. 


The core objective of this ministry, therefore, is to assist married couples to celebrate their love and to acquire tools that would enable them to put into practice on a daily basis, the principles of love as expressed in 1st Corinthians 13:4-5. 


We believe that if we can learn to put the principles expressed in 1st Corinthians 13:4-5 into practice, we would have learnt the secret of living as one with our spouse.  


Please contact Christiana Persaud with any enquiries by completing the contact form below.

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